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Bunheads Resistance 100% Latex Made Exercise Bands Pack for Irish Dancers

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  • 100% Latex - The resistance bands in this pack are made of pure latex. Latex is an exceptional material that is useful for many purposes because of its high resistance to wear and its strength.
  • One Size - The bands in this combo pack are each four inches long, a great size that provides ample band length to perform a wide variety of strength and stretch exercises!
  • Stretch and Tone - These resistance bands are the perfect multi-purpose workout tools! They can be used to warm up, cool down and stretch, or to do an intense resistance workout that tones and targets different muscles!
  • Band Variety - Perfect for dancers or exercisers of all levels, this band combo pack offers three bands that have different resistance levels, with one being light, another being medium, and the third one being heavy.
  • Made by Bunheads - This resistance band combo pack is made by Bunheads, a dance accessories line by Capezio that creates superior-quality, practical tools, and products for dancers.


Both professional and newbie dancers need to not only put dedicated time into dance rehearsals, but they also need to set aside time for the fitness workouts that will help them become better dancers. Dancers who want the perfect mix of challenge and variety in their strength workouts should add this Exercise Bands Combo Pack to their fitness routines! This pack consists of three resistance bands that each measure four inches in length, a size that offers ample material to do different kinds of workout moves! The three bands also each have different resistance levels: light, medium, and heavy. These resistance levels are especially great for beginners who need to start off at a light level but can then work their way up to moderate and advanced exercises. All three bands are made of 100% latex, a material known for its exceptional tensile strength, resilience, and resistance to wear and tear. With these features, these bands are perfect for a diverse mix of fitness purposes, including warming up, muscle-targeting strength training sessions, and stretches to relax and relieve the muscles. Because these bands are smooth, flat, and foldable, they can easily fit into almost any bag or suitcase, making them excellent for travel or working out on the go. Easy to use and carry, this resistance band combo pack will make a great addition to any dancer’s exercise program!