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Irish Dancing AB Clear Crystals Pear Number Clip for Competitions

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  • Pear-Shaped Design - This number clip comes in a striking pear shape that is unbelievably gorgeous and amazingly shows off the shine of the clear crystals adorning the front!
  • Clear Crystals - The crystal rhinestone design in this clip is spectacular. It features a pear-shaped clear crystal rhinestone at the center surrounded by a halo of tiny circular clear crystals, creating a white sparkle that many will admire.
  • Secure Clip - The component of this clip that holds your competition number is crafted from top-quality, high-grade metal that will be securely fastened to your waist during your dance performances.
  • Optimal Size - This number clip is 22 millimeters in width at its widest point and spans 35 millimeters in length, a fabulous size that is not that big but still large enough to catch any audience member’s eye while you’re dancing on stage!
  • Made by Antonio Pacelli - This gorgeous competition number clip is made by Antonio Pacelli, a wonderful brand that has been making Irish dance shoes and accessories for over 40 years and is based in England.


Make your style just as memorable as your phenomenal dancing at your next Irish dance competition with this Irish Dancing AB Clear Crystals Pear Number Clip for Competitions! This clip is quite a sight, as it shows off an elegant pear-shaped design with a bright clear crystal rhinestone highlighting the center with a surrounding halo of small circular clear crystal rhinestones. Rhinestones are named after the River Rhine, a river located in the European nation of Austria where gorgeous rock crystals were discovered several ages ago. With clear rhinestones, there is a silver-toned foil or metal lining at the back of each stone that can be seen from the front as light reflects off of the stone’s facets. Made with a high-grade metal clip, this clip measures 25 millimeters in width at its widest point and measures 35 millimeters in length. With these dimensions, this competition clip is at an optimal size that is not large but big enough to catch any judge’s eye! This competition clip will stay securely attached to your waist and hold your competition number during your vigorous dance performances. Add some charming style and sparkle to your Irish dance ensembles with this Pear Competition Number Clip with Clear Crystals!