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Corr's Irish Dance Hard Shoes

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I just wanted to drop you 
a note to let you know that my daughter's hard shoes arrived today . . .she was thrilled to find that they needed almost no breaking in. She says they are the most comfortable shoes she has ever danced in!

C. Farrell (Loganville, PA)

I must tell you, we brag up your excellent shoes and superb service where ever we go! It is one thing to have a superior product..., it means OH SO Much More to have an excellent product AND excellent service to stand behind the product. Thank you for being people we have come to count on for our children's Irish Dance Needs!

R. Hurst (Virginia Beach, VA)

Splendid! They fit perfect, they're very comfortable and what a great sound! The first time I wore them was like I danced forever with it! What a pleasure to use the right tool for what you're doing ... Keep on doing what you're doing now: Superb shoes for dancers!!!!!

A. Le Bel (Quebec, Canada)

Hi, I just wanted to let know how much my seven year old has enjoyed her new shoes. Her [other brand] left her feet with rub marks and blisters sometimes with in thirty minutes of practicing. She practiced for over two hours (her doing not mine!!!!) without a mark on her feet. They have made a huge difference in her willingness to practice!!! She is thrilled with the sound she can make with them - I have to admit it can be a bit overwhelming at home on our hardwood floors!!!! I thought you'd like to know that you have made a big difference for my little girl! Thank you

B. Coppersmith (Nashville, TN)

My daughter has been Irish Dancing for 2 years now! So now she has her very own first pair of Corr's hard shoes and let me tell you--they have made a major difference!! She has not complained -and to tell you the truth-she has put them on at least 5-6 hours in the past 2 days!! We used to beg her to put the [other brand] on for even 1 hour a day. It was her first feis to dance as a novice-and she came home with 3 trophies!! You can be assured we will continue to look for Corr's as her dancing shoes!! Thanks again.

The Longo's (Pittsburgh, PA)

We received our order so quickly, thanks!! This is our second pair of Corr's hard shoes (the first pair having lasted an unprecedented 21 months!). We are excited to be trying out the Champion hard shoe ... already we have noticed that the shoes produce a much louder sound. Thank you again for your prompt and personal service.

L. Cavanaugh (Hollister, CA)

The shoes indeed arrived today - so fast! The fit is just right. My daughter has already fallen in love with them ...They are so comfortable, and yet offer great support. She also commented that the sawn-off toe wedge is better positioned than she has had on previous shoes. Thanks for all your help. We are definitely converts to Corr's and will be spreading the good word!

W. Horwege (The Woodlands, TX)

I must commend all of you at Corr’s on your very personal, attentive, and rapid service … The 6’s were received yesterday, my daughter put them on and they fit her perfectly. She said they are as comfortable as bedroom slippers … she wore them to class and loves them. And, her feet look lovely in them … The split sole [ghillie] molds so well to her feet that the feet appear to be more arched now.

I. Rogoff-Barnes (Alpharetta, GA)

...I want to say that the design of the shoes is *fabulous*--anyone who can come up with comfortable hard shoes and a ghillie that actually allows you to show your arch...well, that person has my vote. Even my mom, who has not had to deal with a light shoe for about a decade, said 'Oh, they make your feet look like a picture!

H. Donnelly (Thousand Oaks, CA)