White Round Pump Laces for Irish Dance Shoes Made in Ireland CorrsIrishShoes.com

White Round Pump Laces for Irish Dance Shoes Made in Ireland

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  • Fabric Features - The fabric design of these great laces has a detailed woven print that adds texture and interest to their structure.
  • White Color - These pump laces are bright, vivid white, a versatile neutral that pairs easily with any color of style.
  • Optimal Length - The generous 176 centimeters (approximately 69.3 inches) length of these laces offers plenty of room for securing your pumps to your feet—a must when performing!
  • Replace Worn or Missing Laces - Since these laces come in pairs, they’re perfect for when dancers need to replace a broken, frayed or lost lace at the last minute!
  • Made by Antonio Pacelli - A highly valued brand that has been creating Irish dance shoes and accessories in England for four decades.


Irish dance pumps are an incredibly important part of Irish dancing, and they are called many different names: ghillies, Irish dance soft shoes, and reel shoes. Additionally, Irish dance pumps are set apart because their streamlined shape and defined arch has an elongating effect on the foot and legs, giving everyone the look of a seasoned and graceful professional. While the shoes help you look fabulous, the functional components of the shoe are incredibly important, especially the pump laces, which tie the shoes to your feet and keep them securely fastened while you’re dancing. Keep your pumps fixed to your feet and looking stylish during arduous days of rehearsals and performance by lacing them these White Round Pump Laces for Irish Dance Shoes Made in Ireland! The detailed weave of these laces creates a texture that is vividly patterned when viewed up close. The bright white on the laces will catch the eye and coordinate perfectly with outfits and buckles of all colors of the rainbow. At 176 centimeters in length (approximately 69.3 inches), these laces give you plenty of length to secure your pumps and keep them tied while you’re dancing your heart out onstage or in the dance studio! Nothing is worse than a missing or broken lace on the day of a performance—save yourself time and stress with these laces, which are sold in pairs, so that you always have backups for lost or frayed laces. These high-quality pump laces will keep your feet comfortable and secure while dancing like a champion!